The Cove

A million raindrops dance on the sand every second, like drops of paint making a mark before settling into the smooth, yellow bed. Crazed, fiery waters tower like dragons for a mere millisecond before collapsing into the jagged, harsh rocks below. The few albatrosses hiding away in their small, intricate home on the bumpy cliff face wait for a gap in the rain to catch fish for their young. Water, the pure element, has stilled all nature here.

This cove, a quiet, rarely visited hideaway is the perfect place for a calm, solitary walk when its dry;Β the surrounding grass bankings like a child’s play pen, create a feeling of protection from the outside world. Today however, the elements are at their most fierce as they tussle up against each other. The waves of the water hurl towards the screaming wind which charges with the power of an angry army of soldiers. A strange war to takeΒ place on August 31st. A war that only the albatrosses will see.

3pm. No sun on the last summer’s day, but instead a grey, mushy blanket as if to personify the looming reminder that school starts again tomorrow. Summer is over.

Finally, the cove has a companion. A thin, dyed-black haired teenager emerges over the grass bankings, hands shoved firmly into her jacket pockets, hood down firmly covering her eyes. She walks without bounce as she makes her way along the sand, headphones blocking out the exterior world. Stopping directly at the centre of the cove, she stands for a minute, staring into the crazed sea before tucking her knees into her chest and hugging them. Now sat down, a single tear makes a thin, weaving path down the girl’s face.

For an hour, she sits there. Still at the centre of nature, the enraged elements still fighting a howling conflict and the albatrosses still waiting for the rain to halt. But the grassbankings are her safety net. She can cry all the tears of a teenage heartbreak because a million cars may zoom or slug past and still, the rarely visited cove would go unnoticed. A secret jewel of nature.

English: McWay Cove at Julia Pfeiffer Burns St...

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18 thoughts on “The Cove

  1. Very well written, Dija & very good story πŸ˜€ I may be stalking this blog quite a bit for new updates now haha! xxx

    • Ooh yay thankyou! I wrote this when we had to do ‘A Walk Along The Shore’ in English Language exam prep last year. I found it in my english book and thought I may as well use it to get the ball rolling πŸ˜€ xxxx

  2. This caught my eye quickly because I wrote a story called, The Cove (mine’s about diving in one). This is full of nice imagery! I saw a picture of a beach a couple of days ago that had so many people on it you couldn’t see the sand. I like the empty one you painted with your raindrops a lot better! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I love it when someone can create a vivid image in their head from my writing, it means I’ve been successful πŸ™‚ I might start looking at still images and write a descriptive piece from them and create a portfolio. Also, do you know how I can copywrite the content on my blog?

      • Technically, blog material is copyrighted under the DCMA, but I recommend two things. Drag a Text widget to the top of your sidebar where everyone can see it and express your copyright intent. Different people allow different things. Also, I copy this Β© into all of my posts (except blogger awards, cuz who cares).

  3. Wow, I really like the description, and the addition of the girl at the end, sad and crying in the rain in the center of this calm place, it was awesome. I wish I knew somewhere like this I could go and relax and just write or something.

  4. dija – your writing is beautiful – imagine walking along the 3,500 mile rocky coastline of Maine, you could write dozens of novels and millions of poems.

    thanks for sharing and following 5R!

    David in Maine USA

  5. dija, if you did live in the USA, where would you imagine living? New England, Middle Atlantic states, the deep South, the Midwest, the Southwest, or the Northwest?

    I think you would enjoy the Rocky Coastline of Maine!

    Have you started college yet? if not where do you want to go?

    As you can see i’ve just touched the surface of your writing.

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