A Sunday dinner without gravy in a British winter,

Is about as satisfying as your last bit of Magnum falling off the stick and onto the floor,

And makes the thought of Monday morning all the more grim.


If you don’t eat your crusts, your hair won’t curl

That’s what my Mum always told me. However, as I grew older my hair grew wilder and indeed curlier without me going anywhere near crusts. Maybe I would have eaten them more if the eight year old me had been told this:

At 16, I still avoid my crusts but shhhh, don’t tell my Mum!

What did your parents tell you to make you do things you didn’t particularly want to do? Leave a comment 🙂


Don’t mention the S word…

Langton, North Yorkshire. Become a fan on face...

They say take a Dictionary to read to keep from going crazy in the North Pole. I need one after it snows in Huddersfield and make the mistake of logging on to Facebook...

On February 4th 2012, it snowed in Huddersfield. It also snowed on Facebook. Every other status mentioned the S word either to slag it off or praise it for finally arriving. Facebook really is the idyllic place for a person who is the epitome of lazy. Gone are the days where you have to switch on the tv or radio for the weather forecast. You don’t have to go and open the curtains anymore to see what the weather outside your house is doing. Oh no. Six hundred people will do it for you on Facebook whilst having a rant about how much they hate the snow. Funny that, last year when they had a day off school, they couldn’t have been happier to be sledging.

As if my News Feed isn’t filled with enough complaining, there are statuses moaning about people writing statuses to do with snow. I am always tempted to leave a comment of congratulation – “Well done. You just wrote a status about snow too.” Why when it snows do we become obssessed and feel the need to post about it? Sure, a couple of statuses are fine but for some reason, people don’t seem to have realised yet that writing the status “It’s snowing!” will be matched by at least forty others. If I wanted my Facebook to be taken over by a subject which I can experience for myself without every other Facebook friend giving me a second-by-second account, I would personally pay Simon Cowell to air a new series of The X Factor imminently.

Every year the white, cold blanket falls and I want to deactivate my Facebook account and cry into my sledge until the weather returns to the usual British story of grey skies. It is times like this when I most appreciate those individuals on Facebook who write statuses completely irrelevant to the generic weather report.

Holy cheesecake, I’ve just looked out of the window and its snowing! I must abandon this article and write a status informing all of my Facebook friends immediately! Maybe I’ll even upload a picture with the caption “It’s snowing”. How about no.