P – Putting off that piece of work by doing every menial task possible beforehand

R – Reading tweets instead of homework questions

O – Overeating on the entire contents of the biscuit cupboard

C – Checking Facebook. Again. And again. And one more time.

R – Reading more tweets

A – Asking when lunch is ready and deciding you can’t possibly start your work properly before you eat

S – Sighing about how much work you have before returning to the internet

T – Trying on different outfits and deciding what would look good next summer

I – Ironing. Because anything is better than doing work.

N – Nearly starting the work by picking it up and flicking through the pages before putting it back down again in exhaustion

A – Asking what time dinner is and deciding you’ll just have to have a packet of biscuits before then

T – Timing how long you’ve been avoiding homework and starting to panic before realising The Big Bang Theory is on

I – Instant coffee number 3

O – Ordering clothes you probably can’t afford online

N – Nightime. Sleep time.